Sri Deen Dayal Sharma founded the shop over 50 years ago and is famed for its dal ka halwa and gajar ka halwa. Both are created with desi ghee and a substantial quantity of dry fruits, making them a true delight for the sense of taste and a must-have for everyone who like Indian sweets. Their chocolate barfi is another highlight. This location is well-known for its sweets made with dal, flour, or other similar items. So you won’t find the customary chhaina or milk-based sweets like rasgullahs or rasmalai here. Apart from moong dal halwa, there are some great malpua, gond ki laddoo, besan ki laddoo, and gujiya. There are a few desserts that contain khoya (such as miniature pedas, a chocolate burfi, gulab jamuns, and a stuffed parwal), but the khoya is cooked for so long on a slow fire that it changes the color, becomes tasty (with sugar), and poses no threat during this period of hidden viruses. This is not the place to be if you are on a diet since it is decadently rich. But, if you enjoy Indian sweets,  you should salute Churuwala. For a long time, the halwais have been working their karchi and kadhai magic in their little area of Chandni Chowk. Or may they do so in the future.

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