Indian Staples

India is a huge and diverse country, and the cuisine’s food and beverages reflect this. There are some regional variances in diet from north to south. Nevertheless, the most of India’s staple cuisines are the same across the country. In Indian cuisine, there are numerous vegetarian options. South India has a greater variety of vegetarian food than North India. India’s staple foods are those that are vital to Indian cuisine. The abundance of spices available enhances them. Dal has been a key component of India’s rich culinary legacy for generations, appearing at nearly every meal. That’s why you will find an exclusive collection of all types of dals here like arhar dal, kala chana dal, kabuli chana dal, all varieties of moong dal, and mix dal. If you like some more varieties of staple then you will also find rajma here which is very healthy and its taste will take you back to the Indian culture. You will also get the best quality of sabudana here. Sabudana is primarily famed by being a nutritionally food with sufficient carbohydrates, it also includes vital important nutrients such as natural fibres, proteins, magnesium, for helping to promote digestion, constructing powerful muscles, bolstering bones and muscles. And lastly not to forget about white lobhiya yet another healthy and tasty staple of Indian food. So try out these healthy and delicious staples available on TasteDilli6.

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