Sharbat & Thandai

Are you feeling dehydrated and irritable because of the summer heat?  These traditional Indian summer drinks can help. Don’t let the heat ruin your attitude this summer; instead, keep your mind quiet and cool with these delicious Indian beverages. Thandai, a drink made from nuts and fragrant spices, is the flavor of the summer, particularly during Holi, when it is infused with bhang. Shops frequently have their own twist on thandai, adding fruits like the season’s special mangoes or flavors like rose and saffron to the basis of nuts and spices. Not only does khus and rose relieve your thirst, but it also prevents dehydration and sunstroke, which is especially important in the summer. Sharbats   contains anti-inflammatory, reactive, and anti-aging effects, as well as the potential to reduce body heat, making a cool and refreshing thandai and sharbat a wonderful summer drink. At Taste of Dilli 6 you will see varieties of thandai and sharbat like badaam thandai, brijwasi badam thandai, rose syrup sharbat, khus sharbat, shikanji powder, kesar badaam guruji ki thandai and what not. So now win your battle from summer with our cool and refreshing thandai and sharbat drink stock. Don’t let this season down your energy, order now!

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