Hazari Lal Khurchan Wale was founded 76 years ago by the late Mr. Hazari Lal Jain and is now run by his son, Mr. Sunil Jain. It’s in Kinari Bazar and specialized in traditional milk sweets including malai laddoo, khurchan, kalakand, rabri. Khurchan, which is popular here, is made by boiling milk for 1 to 12 hrs. It has a velvety texture and icing sugar that melts easily in the mouth. This shop’s second feature is that it uses undiluted buffalo’s milk to prepare and sell meals that are an important element of the country’s culinary tradition. As you chew, you can experience its interior moistness, which softens the texture even more. It tastes a little sweeter, but that is how the residents of Delhi prefer it. Khurchan is a well-known dessert with an intriguing preparation method. In Hindi, khurchan means “scraping the leftovers.” It is created from milk that has been warmed to simmering point and then scraped off the top in the form of a mouthfeel and mixed with icing sugar and dry fruits to enhance the flavor. TasteDilli6 sells Khurchan prepared from buffalo milk, which is particularly creamy and rich and worth tasting.

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