Lotanji Chhole Kulche Wala is a prominent chhole wala in Delhi’s cuisine hotspot. Founded in 1977, you may enjoy the greatest Kulche chhole spiced with chillies and sour sauce for a distinct taste. Chhole combined with potatoes is boiled in red hot curry, though you can request low, medium, or high heat, and garnished with green chillies, ginger, and coriander, and has become the trademark of chandni chowk spicy street cuisine that you have probably heard of. You will undoubtedly like eating soft kulche topped with lemon and coriander. It also contains a high amount of butter and some unique spices in it, which makes it unique and wonderful. It is set in the heart of Old Delhi’s Chawri Bazar, that has become a tradition that Lotan’s grandson, Mahaveer, is carrying on. It is an Old Delhi dish that is loved by street food enthusiasts from all across Delhi. This is popular among children, college students, and even adults. Mahaveer, Lotan’s grandson, never considered spreading his business to other regions of the city, but if you happened to be at Chandni Chowk, get it delivered at your doorstep with the help of tasteDilli6.

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