Deliciously spicy kadai-tossed contents nestled beneath a crunchy deep-fried outer shell just make tea worth drinking. Although samosas are not native to India, they are an essential part of the desi snacking experience. The dish sees a multitude of inventions and attempts around the Capital, and we adore them all! Because, well, samosa. Samosas are everyone’s favorite comfort meal, and they can be found in every region of India. Samosas can be found at any sweet shop, mithai shop, chaat corner, Indian restaurant, rail station, airports, or bus terminal. There are also little kiosks that just sell fresh produce. So, where should you go for the best samosas? The answer is Manohar Japani samose wala. This little Dhaba at Bhagirath Palace, Chandni Chowk, is well-known for its “Japan,” or Japanese samosa. The current owner’s grandfather founded the company in Pakistan in 1924, and it relocated to Delhi following Partition in 1949. This samosa has nothing Japanese about it, simply a funny name that stuck! The Japan samosa is truly unique, with 60 layers of crunchy flaky pastry – 30 upon every side – with a delicious potato filling in between. All paired with classic Pindi chole and a cooked bottle gourd pickle. A belly is brimming with goodness!

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