This Old Delhi jalebi shop, appropriately named ‘Old Famous Jalebi Wala,’ has been in business since 1884. The jalebis, made with desi ghee, are delectable. This jalebi shop in Old Delhi, suitably named ‘Old Famous Jalebi Wala,’ has been in business since 1884, and has now been passed down through four generations of the family. This Chandni Chowk-based store is well-known for its boiling hot, thick and juicy freshly prepared jalebis. Their unique selling point is that they make the syrup with desi khandsari sugar rather than normal sugar, and the jalebis are made with desi ghee and grilled over coals. The sweet maker takes the batter-filled cloth bag and compresses it in concentric rings into the scalding hot desi ghee for deep frying. Soon, the mushy, white swirls will transform into crispy, golden-colored jalebis, which will then be submerged in rich, sugary syrup for a few minutes. This syrup, which is a combination of sugar, flavoring spices, and other concealed components, is what makes the jalebis gorgeously wonderful. As you eat into a hot jalebi, envision the crunchy surface breaking open into your mouth to unleash heavenly richness, and the taste lingering in your lips to tantalise your taste receptors even after hours after eating it. Isn’t this drool-inducing? Try it now by ordering the hot mouth watering jalebis now!

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