Chandni Chowk is an universe unto itself! Whereas the rest of Delhi is booming with modern cafes and bars, Chandni Chowk’s age-old restaurants and humble stalls/kiosks are just as valuable. One of the few Bengali Sweets specialized businesses in Old Delhi. The Annapurna Bhandar produces some of the best Kolkata-style sweets and namkeens. Some of their speciality desserts include Singhara (Samosa) and Pink Rasgulla. The establishment, Annapurna Bhandar, is now possibly the oldest remaining Bengali sweets shop. Shishir Mukherjee, 60, one of the three brothers who currently manage Annapurna Bhandar, says, “The Old Delhi has always been a maelstrom of cuisine experiences, and there couldn’t be a better spot to situate this shop.” Since Annapurna is one of the Mother Goddess’ names, it cannot be registered, so anyone can name their shop Annapurna, he adds. Mukherjee is unconcerned about this. He is more concerned that the following generation is uninterested in carrying on the family legacy. The younger generation has pursued alternative careers. Furthermore, running this firm is difficult. So if you are a bengali sweet lover try out the Annapurna bhandar delicious sweets only at TasteDilli6.

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