Shyam Sweets in Chawri Bazar is another Old Delhi treasure that’s almost a century old and serves you fresh desserts and savory snacks every day. They also provide sugar-free choices for those on a diet, however mithai and diet aren’t a winning mix. Right? This location provides street cuisine and sells a wide range of desserts, many of which are worth a try.  One cannot not but take a bite out of it. This location is highly recommended for both tourists and foodies. It is easy to find because it is right there and packed with food aficionados devouring their favorite meals. Order a platter of crisp Bedmi with spicy Aloo Sabzi laced with Methre Chutney, Sweet & Tangy Kaddu Subzi, and Kachalu Pickle. If you enjoy Bedmi, this is the tempo for you. Then you should try the Nagori-Halwa. A bowl of Sooji Halwa is accompanied by four crisp Nagoris with a sweet-salty flavor. The shop sells a variety of other delicious things, like Matar Kachori, but if you want to sample the city’s other hidden gems, you must prioritize what to eat where and in what serving sizes. You can order this and enjoy the meals by sitting at your with help of taste Dilli 6. Try it out now!

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