Ved Prakash Lemon Wale

Pandit Ved Prakash Lemon Wale has triumphed over the ravages of time. Panditji’s refreshments – ordinary banta soda, lemon soda, and masala soda – are all equally popular, and May and June saw large crowds and solid business. For the past eight generations, the family has provided cool relief from the searing Delhi heat. Even with advancements in machinery and packaging, the wonderful taste of their shikanji has not altered since the time when ice was stored beneath and drinks were delivered in Kulhars. No cold drinks or soft drinks can beat the sweetness and taste of Ved prakash lemon wale’s shikanji. This is one of the best drinks to try in India at any time of year. It will not only help you digest all of this food, but it will also soothe your digestive system and give immunity To introduce with this amazing cold summer drink the taste of Dilli6 is here with the fastest delivery services to give you the exact taste of shikanji that you would enjoy drinking at the shop. So now beat the summers with us and enjoy your evenings with this amazing lemon drink.

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