About Taste Dilli 6

About Taste Dilli-6

The only thing we're serious about is Quality food.

Our aim is to provide high quality and authentic products from our very own Old Delhi. We bring the carefully selected foods from Purani Dilli. It aims to tap the deep-rooted network of vendors engaged in preparing authentic food products. In our passionate search to offer food that is unique, have a set track record of its quality and flavour, we have ensured you get only the best and renowned brands!

Taste the Best that Surprise you

We have designed our catalogue to cater to both your nostalgia, as well as your desire to explore superior everyday use products from authentic vendors. We have curated fine Indian food products and food ingredients across 1 categories – sweets, snacks incl. healthy snacks, fine staples, papads/pickles and masalas/mixes etc. Our masalas, mixes and pastes help you cook some of the most authentic dishes in an easy way. 

You’ll find the offering here is not about off-the-shelf products from a supermarket. All the products have been sourced “fresh” from the kitchens and stores of these brands after we receive your order.