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byKanwarji Bhagirath Mal

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Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal's Imarti is a traditional Indian sweet that originates from the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Imarti is a popular and visually appealing dessert made from fermented urad dal (split black lentils) batter, deep-fried until golden and soaked in sugar syrup.

Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal is renowned for their expertise in creating this delectable sweet, known for its unique shape and delightful taste.

Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal's Imarti is known for its delightful combination of flavors—a crisp exterior with a tender and sweet interior. It is often garnished with saffron strands or chopped nuts to enhance the visual appeal and add a touch of richness.